Is perfection possible on earth? (Matt 5v43-48 and I John)

Cookie cutters however beautiful are for cookies and decoration not for using on people.   Photo of vast selection of colourful cookie cutters

Cookie cutters however beautiful are for cookies and decoration not for using on people

Matthew 5v43-48 What do you think this is about?

Jesus teaches about loving enemies
Anyone can be nice to people who are nice to them.  Pop stars, celebrities, anyone can do that…  Can you be nice to someone who has just stabbed you in the back with their  words or who has let you down repeatedly or who actively gets you into trouble.  That is the true test of whether you are a Christian or a hypocrite like the
Pharisees and religious leaders we read about in Matthew 5v17-20.

John 1v8 and I John 2 v 1-7 If we say we don’t sin we are liars.  The only thing we can do is throw ourselves on God’s mercy and ask him for forgiveness.  My son did something wrong yesterday which could have resulted in him missing out on a chance to have his friends over…

My 13-year-old son: “I did something wrong which could have  resulted in me being grounded.  Rather  than being angry and saying hateful things to or about my parents I chose to  buy them a present as well as using other ways to show I was sorry.  I tried to make it up to them.  They relented on the planned punishment and I was able to have 3 friends  over, and we had a great time outside with the fire pit and lots of sweets, cola and other treats.

God is just like that – if we go to Him and say we are sorry – we’ve messed up again and ask Him for forgiveness – He forgives us no problem.”

I once listened to a Christian comedian  Mike Warnke.  People were shocked as at the time he was a loud mouthed hippy with a long hair>  He always joked at least it embarrassed his kids into being straight-laced and conservative.  What I liked most about him though was that he said:

“Christians should ditch their cookie cutters” and stop trying to mould  other people into their image of what a Christian should look like. That’s God’s job.

Only God made us, only God knows what has  happened to us and what we’ve done along the way that has made us who we are today.  Only God can hold our hands and help us move to a better future, one with hope and forgiveness and second chances.

One thing that Mike Warnke said that has stuck with me for 20 years is, “Spend enough time doing the DO’s and you won’t have time to do the DONT’s”.

If you remember that and love God, yourself, and others with God’s help  then that is the secret of true Christian  living.  That way we can obey God, and  even when we mess up or people hurt us,  we can forgive and be forgiven which is the real fruit of love.

© Copyright Michelle Sherlock 30/05/2011 (Photo added May 2014)


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