Anger and a butterfly (Matt 5v20-26)

A butterfly develops the strength to fly through the process of breaking out of its chrysallis.  Taking shortcuts to freedom can mean the butterfly dies early or can't fly.  Photo of Great Spangled Fritillary

A butterfly develops the strength to fly through the process of breaking out of its chrysallis. Taking shortcuts to freedom can mean the butterfly dies early or can’t fly.

Matthew 5 v20- 26 What’s this about to you?
To me – Jesus teaches about anger – if we hate  someone to the point we want to kill them – then it’s as if we murdered them in our hearts.  We need to find ways to
forgive, let things go – and even show love towards people who are nasty to us.

My ulna nerve in my arm was damaged this year (2011) because a technician at the hospital put my canula in wrong when I had a blood transfusion.  I could have remained bitter and twisted about it and perhaps tried sue-ing them but from all the self-help books I’ve read it suggests that can be damaging to my health on an ongoing basis – as your body holds onto the anger and pain for longer, literally twisting it up inside.

I was talking to a friend about my situation – and she asked me where my “acceptance” was.  I wanted to hit out in frustration (I didn’t act on that impulse though.)  It turned out that although I was unaware of it she is a Christian.  I cried for five minutes and then had to deliver a life transforming workshop for others on “stress management, acceptance and trying to make the best of the cards life has dealt us”! Typical timing!  I keep having to practice what I teach!  I was thankful for God’s grace though in putting  a little reminder of Him there, when I was feeling in such a lost dark space…

I made the decision three months after the original incident, to make a complaint to the hospital – as much for them to learn from it as anything else.  I have had an apology and direct conversations with a number of people involved – and my arm is now almost healed.  (Coincidence?  I doubt it).  They have also agreed to re-write their processes to build in my feedback to try and prevent reoccurence….

I heard an example once of  someone who was watching a butterfly come out of a chrysalis – and it seemed to  be struggling so much they decided to help it by cutting the chrysalis open a  little – when the butterfly came out it was too early, the struggle helped it  learn to fly and by missing out that stage it was damaged forever.  We often can’t see the points of things we go through – but God can.  He promises that
if we love Him, He will turn even the worst situation around for good.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always stop bad things happening to good people.  When I was growing up  I wasn’t taught that –  and it meant that I was angry and bitter against God for a long time for not protecting me enough.  The bible doesn’t
teach though that bad things won’t happen to us – it just promises that God will
be with us through everything and that He sticks closer than a brother.

© Copyright Michelle Sherlock 30/05/2011  (Post updated with photo in May 2014)


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