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Grace on legs – Who are your Grace role models?

There are certain people in my life that I have referred to as “grace on legs”…. Hope you don’t mind but I am going to name a few of you…. and those I miss out get to practice grace 😉

  1. Ron and Audrey Johnson – You were fab home group leaders and model parents to me when I was looking for that support!
  2. Darren Johnson – You modelled grace to me in so many ways – I’ve always appreciated it!  So thank you.
  3. Phil Fell – Walking talking example of grace.  You always amazed me with everything you fit in…
  4. Eldin and Vivian Corsie – Great models of grace.  Thank you for helping put me back together when I was falling apart.
  5. Vernon and Pat Fuller – It was a joy to have you in our lives… we really must re-connect!
  6. Joel Lamour – You have always been a great example to me through difficult times!
  7. Paul Hampton – another model of grace.  How do you do it?

If you made a list – who would be on it?  What is it you admire about them?  Have you told them?

How’s your grace rating for today?

I have received lots of grace at work, from family and from my doctor. My husband took me out for a meal – and my children are happy away on a Christian camp… That’s a gift in itself!  How much grace have I shown?  I don’t know, only others or God can answer that for me…. What matters more, is that I made an effort…. What have you put your effort into today?

© Copyright Michelle Sherlock 01/06/2011