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So what would Jesus do then?

What would Jesus do?  Photo of a road going up a hill at sunset with a blind summit

The question is not, “What would Jesus do?” The question is, “What are you doing? Is it showing God’s love in action?”

This is an age of badges, posters and wrist bands  saying things like  WWJD (What would Jesus do) etc.  To me, that isn’t the real question….. I only found the wiki-answers version today of how they feel the phrase rose to popularity and its an interesting one – so I’ve included the link above.

The question is if you believe

  1. that Jesus really is God
  2. and that He died on a cross for your sins  so you could be forgiven
  3. that He and rose again from the dead conquering death
  4. so He could help you live a better life and  get a place in heaven
  5. And you are willing to accept of a relationship with God through prayer

How are you going to live that out in your life?

  1. What difference will it make to your own life and that of others around you?
  2. Will you focus on the potentially narrow world of church or will you live it out in your daily life helping others….

When I was a kid there was a bookmark with a picture of a judge which asked the simple question:

“If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

Please don’t feel I am judging you – I am writing this to challenge myself as much as anyone else.  If you were to look back on your life in a year’s time, how would you like it to be different from a personal point of view – and how would you like it to be different from a spirtual or Christian perspective?

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