Grace on legs – Who are your Grace role models?

There are certain people in my life that I have referred to as “grace on legs”…. Hope you don’t mind but I am going to name a few of you…. and those I miss out get to practice grace 😉

  1. Ron and Audrey Johnson – You were fab home group leaders and model parents to me when I was looking for that support!
  2. Darren Johnson – You modelled grace to me in so many ways – I’ve always appreciated it!  So thank you.
  3. Phil Fell – Walking talking example of grace.  You always amazed me with everything you fit in…
  4. Eldin and Vivian Corsie – Great models of grace.  Thank you for helping put me back together when I was falling apart.
  5. Vernon and Pat Fuller – It was a joy to have you in our lives… we really must re-connect!
  6. Joel Lamour – You have always been a great example to me through difficult times!
  7. Paul Hampton – another model of grace.  How do you do it?

If you made a list – who would be on it?  What is it you admire about them?  Have you told them?

How’s your grace rating for today?

I have received lots of grace at work, from family and from my doctor. My husband took me out for a meal – and my children are happy away on a Christian camp… That’s a gift in itself!  How much grace have I shown?  I don’t know, only others or God can answer that for me…. What matters more, is that I made an effort…. What have you put your effort into today?

© Copyright Michelle Sherlock 01/06/2011


About Michelle Sherlock

Inspirational speaker and coach, committed Christian, married, working mum to two gorgeous children! Developing my writing skills and trying to share the heart of God one post at a time.

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